(717) 393-1600


"We loved everything about the experience and our new pool! Thank you so much!"


Victor & Patricia Pytleski – Blandon, PA

"I cannot imagine a better overall satisfaction level on a project of this magnitude."


Mike Hamlin, Mount Joy, PA

"Thank you so much, Integrity Team, for a wonderful finished project. We appreciate the float and the mega towel and we are thoroughly enjoying our new pool. We appreciate your professionalism and patience putting up with pool newbies."


Mike & Darlene Hamlin, Mount Joy, PA

"Integrity Pools & Spas! Excellent products and best of all is the wonderful customer service!!"


Dave & Debbie Greenawalt, Lancaster, PA

"Craig, just a quick note to let you and the Integrity Team know how pleased we are with our new Arctic Spas Fox. Initially we did not think our patio space would allow for a hot tub, but you helped us think outside the box and the Arctic Spas Fox is a perfect fit for our needs. As cooler months quickly approach we are looking forward to enjoying extra time outside in our wonderful Arctic Spas hot tub!"

"Thanks again!"


Bratton & Sue, New Holland, PA

"Ted and I would like to personally thank you for a job well done! We appreciate the extra effort Arctic Spas Lancaster made to make sure our experience in purchasing a new spa top notch. Your service and attention to detail was excellent. We would highly recommend your company and product to anyone who asks."


"Thank you again for a quality sale and great service."


Ted & Mary Sue Wolf, Bent Creek

"We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the quality service we received from Integrity Pools while building our swimming pool. Our experience from the beginning, including the planning and design phases, construction, and straight through to the end was great. We appreciated Integrity Pools’ good communication during each phase. We understood where our project was in the construction process the entire time."


"The staff was knowledgeable, friendly and informative. Our pool is now complete and we could not be happier. Integrity Pools stands behind its work and continues to provide quality service after the sale."


"We would recommend Integrity Pools to anyone who is interested in building a concrete swimming pool."


James & Penny Kuntz, East Hempfield

"Thanks for the nice work in our backyard at the ‘K’ Country Club. We love it! We appreciate all the advice and service provided by you guys – Barb, Dennis, Matt, Stacy, Tim, and Kate…oh yeah, and even what’s his name – Craig. We have thoroughly enjoyed the pool and are now enjoying the spa almost daily. Thanks for making it fun!"


Chuck & Deb Kereczman

"It takes professionals to install a pool but more importantly it takes professionals working together. I found that team with Craig and Jarrod. When the two of them sat at my kitchen table and developed a plan for completing the job I knew I had made the right selections. So instead of months, countless phone calls and learning how to be a general contractor, I watched the process and enjoyed the construction phase almost as much as the swimming phase."


Steve from Reinholds

"Craig, we are very happy with our Integrity pool. The compliments we receive from everyone who sees it speaks volumes about the job you and your team did from design through construction. The unique design, quality construction and the little extras really sets our pool apart from the others in our neighborhood. When all was said and done, the personal touch and professionalism of you and your staff convinced us that we absolutely selected the right company to build our pool. We wholeheartedly recommend Integrity Pools to anyone who is thinking of building a pool."



Gene and Tina Nestro

"I bought it for myself. Too bad the children always get in before I do."


Dr. & Mrs. Rudy Rigano, Manheim Twp.

"Integrity Pools & Spas! Excellent products and best of all is the wonderful customer service!!"


Dave & Debbie Greenawalt, Lancaster, PA


"We are 2 weeks into the construction of our Integrity pool. To date, the project has gone exactly as Craig said it would. The work has been done in a timely manner with very professional workmen. From the start we have been impressed and very appreciative of the open lines of communication with Craig and his staff."


The Kramer Family, East Lampeter

"I just want to write and tell you all how thrilled I am with my hot tub. The installation went swimmingly, and I felt comfortable with its care after you went over the basics with me after installation. The only real difficulty I have with the spa is getting out of it."


Chuck Kann, Gettysburg, PA

"My wife and I built a beautiful pool with the help of Craig from Integrity Pools. The workmanship was excellent and the pool turned out better than expected. Even with unexpected surprises during the construction, the pool was completed in 5 weeks. The after building support was and still is excellent with Craig and his staff always available for questions or a drop by if needed. We had an excellent experience with Integrity Pools and would not hesitate to recommend them."


Dr. and Mrs. Marc Oliveri, East Lampeter

"Our family couldn't be more delighted with our custom built pool by Integrity Pools, Inc. Mr. Craig Horning, President of Integrity Pools, Inc. exuded excellence in his product and Integrity in his service throughout the project from its planning and layout stages to full completion. He deferred to us in all design and aesthetic decisions, followed through on timetables and stayed within the budget we allotted. Mr. Horning's knowledge of pools and his commitment to excellence in delivering it was seamless. Our new Integrity pool afforded our family a lifelong vacation package right in our own backyard. We would highly recommend him and his team to anyone considering a pool of their own."


Dr. and Mrs. Chip Coffin, Manheim Twp.

"As our first year winds down and the cover goes on our new “Integrity” pool, we want to take a moment to let you know how glad we are to have installed an “Integrity” pool. Everything…from the construction process through maintenance…has been great!"


"Our family has had a great time with the pool all summer long. We’ve never seen so many kids in a swimming pool! The highlight of the summer was our 14-year-old having a party with 60 kids running around everything and then seeing 16 of them in the 8-person spa!"


"Integrity Pools & Spas builds and services a quality product. We are looking forward to many years of enjoyment in our pool and dealing with all the staff at Integrity Pools & Spas."


"Thanks again!"


Dave & Krista Cipalla & Family

"We want to thank you for the beautiful pool Integrity Pools & Spas built in our backyard. This is our second pool project. The first pool, at our previous home, was with another national pool company. The first pool was nice; once the project was completed. The process, however, was a nightmare. We were just a number and what we envisioned wasn’t exactly what we would up with. The company did not understand the meaning of commitment. Getting status updates was impossible and we ended up being our own general contractor."


"With Integrity Pools & Spas it became clear very early in the process that we were not just dealing with a family-owned company, but that we were in fact becoming a member of the “Integrity Family."


"Integrity Pools’ willingness to coordinate the other subcontractors; the quality craftsmanship provided by the Integrity Pools & Spas team; and regular updates on the status of the project made this pool easy and enjoyable from start to finish. Most of all, we got “exactly” what we envisioned from the very beginning. Integrity Pools & Spas patience, professionalism, integrity, and commitment to family are reflected in the quality of the work performed. In short, we love our new pool!"


"Thanks again and God bless."


Al & Patti Price

Quarryville, PA

"My husband and I were raised in Lancaster County where we learned the value of hard work and honesty. When we started looking for a company to build our swimming pool we were disappointed by dishonest salespeople and horror stories from their clients. Everything changed when we began looking into Integrity Pools & Spas. Everyone we contacted, who used Integrity Pools & Spas to build their pool, had nothing but praise for Craig Horning and his staff. We were pleased with the number of pools we were able to tour; some complete, and some still in progress. Every Integrity Pools & Spas customer we met praised their workmanship and staff."


"Throughout the project there was always someone available to answer questions, give advice, and let us know when the next phase would begin. Our pool was finished within the projected time frame and looks great. We are thrilled with the quality, workmanship, and professionalism Integrity Pools & Spas demonstrated throughout the entire project. Integrity Pools & Spas lived up the high standards we were looking for and we highly recommend them."


Mark & Vicky Myer

Millersville, PA

"My husband and I bought our house in 1980. The pool was an old concrete relic that we painted every three years. The patio around the pool was so bad; I had to install outdoor carpet to hide the cracks. But we never dreamed that the patios and pools that you see in magazines could actually become a reality. We checked with a couple of pool companies. But when we met Craig, we knew that he was experienced and knowledgeable. To make a long story short, we had to replace the old pool and install a new one. It was worth it! With the Easy Touch IntelliChlor System, operating the pool is so easy. No more guess work. Thanks to Craig and his team, the dream pool became a reality."



Wanda Findley

Quality, workmanship, professionalism, industry leaders. These are just a few words of the words that come to mind when describing Integrity Pools & Spas. We can't say enough good things about our experience with Integrity. I think we probably began the conversation about a pool like most families and we began asking around to help us choose the one for our family.


From the time we called Barb at Integrity they were up front on how the pool process. After a few meetings with Barb to review our wants versus needs, she presented an idea to us that was exactly what we were looking for and so much more. During the process she was extremely up front on everything regarding the pool and explained to us where the dollars would be used and Bobby gave us a design that exceeded our expectations.


Once we agreed on the budget and overall design, we met with the staff multiple times to choose all the materials, colors, tiles, etc. They were amazing in helping make sure the design flowed and worked with our property and the new landscaping/hardscaping we also contracted.


I realize we said this earlier but we honestly cannot say enough good things about Integrity, however it was really Barb, Craig and Bobby who made this process We sincerely enjoyed working with Integrity Pools & Spas and would highly recommend them (and we often do) to anyone looking for a pool. completely painless and honestly fun. They treated us not as just customers, but friends.


We absolutely love it!


Keith & Dawn Hall, Ephrata, PA

I just wanted to thank you for the gifts yesterday. I can’t wait to test out that raft (after we turn on the heater…lol). We appreciate your patience with us through the process and please know that we absolutely love the pool. I think I shared with Barb at the outset that it’s been a dream of mine since I was a kid to have a beautiful pool and I can’t thank you enough for the great work. I love it!


We’ve had neighbors stop by and friends comment and say it looks like something out of a magazine…For me, it’s home and for all of the time I spend away from home…Thank you for making my home even better!


Mark Snavely, Lebanon, PA

"Exceptional service from Integrity Pools & Spas once again. Between the quality service from the team at Integrity and the high quality spa from Arctic Spas, I am forever glad I went to Lancaster for my spa!"


Tim Hamm, Virginia

"Craig was very up front and honest with us regarding all our options and the costs related to them. He explains everything very thorough and understood our concerns. Thank you Craig, we are ready for our dream pool."


Linda Good, Manheim Twp.

"Integrity Pools & Spas installed my pool in the summer of 2003. After 10 years of uneventful use, a few gaskets needed replaced. I stopped in several times to pick up parts and everything was in stock and the service was very friendly and over all excellent. It is wonderful to see how successful you and your team have become over the past 10 years. Congratulations and thank you for being there when I needed you."


"All the best!"


Steve Schmucker

"I wanted to write you earlier, but figured you may have grown tired of hearing from me… I have that effect on people. I just want to say the pool is phenomenal. I still sometimes stare at it in awe…Terry and I love everything about it."


"Thanks to you, Kate, Barb, Dennis and the rest of the gang for everything. Terry and I truly appreciate all you’ve done for us."


"PS – Please let Kate know the raft is an absolute hit!"


Bill & Terri McTear

"I purchased my Arctic Spas Ocean from Barb Shop with Integrity Pools & Spas in September 2013. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with my swim spa. When I began my search of swim spas it was to alleviate back pain. My doctor said swimming may be the best option, but I knew a membership at the local pool was not the answer because I would not get in my car and drive to swim. My time is too important to me. Well let me tell you I have never had such strength and mobility and have been free of ALL back pain."


"I was worried about maintaining a water temperature I could swim in safely knowing it was a hot tub. Monday through Friday I keep the swim temperature at 86-87 degrees; and on the weekends I set it at 100 degrees for therapy and relaxation. The winter of 2014 has proven to be one for the record books and I am happy to say it doesn’t keep me from my exercise! I keep telling my husband if I love this spa as much in the middle of summer as I have in the middle of the coldest winters I will be one CRAZY happy woman!!"


"Thank you, thank you to Barb and everyone at Integrity Pools & Spas. What a great help they have been. I was very concerned about being able to care for the water in the spa. The professionals at Integrity Pools & Spas have walked me through the learning curve of proper spa maintenance. After three months I can say that I feel confident in my ability to balance my spa."


"I even had Matt, my service technician, on the phone one evening at 10:30 pm. I came home and found the lights flashing and codes I did not understand reading on the screen. Matt walked us through the slight adjustment needed to correct the problem. What company has technicians available for calls in the middle of the night?"


"During the research phase of my purchase, I called another local dealer to see if I could try the Michael Phelps swim spa. They told me they couldn’t fill the spa for me to try unless I was committed to buy it. What a joke…how can I commit to buying something until I have tried it? Integrity Pools & Spas welcomed me to swim and I did for four days straight. It took me only 15 minutes to know I would love swimming in the Ocean swim spa. I found using the tether as my favorite way to swim. I don’t use the jets while swimming and it feels like I am in open water – I never have to stop or change directions. My husband, who hates to exercise, is also swimming and loving it. He enjoys using the tether while the jets are on to make his work out harder."


"The efficiency of the spa has been very impressive…it’s been hard to notice a huge difference on our electric bill. We feel like the estimate given to us when we purchased the spa of $60 a month is very reasonable…even in this horribly snowy, cold winter!!"


"I would encourage anyone who has the desire for a life changing purchase to check out Arctic Spas. I had the choice of a new car or a swim spa and I will never regret keeping my 2005 minivan and opting for the swim spa. Every time I use it I feel like I’m on some fabulous vacation in my own backyard!! I love doing the backstroke and looking up in the sky and watching the planes go by – truly amazing!"


"Thank you Arctic Spas for making a quality product that I’m happy to recommend to anyone!!"


Another Happy Spa Customer in New Holland, PA

"I want to compliment your service department, in particular Fred. There were two incidents recently which required service -- one urgently a day before a planned pool party. Fred was very accommodating, patient, and thorough. I even called him the next day and he was able to walk me through a couple of things."


"Yesterday I emailed a service inquiry and no less than five minutes after sending the email I received a call from Fred. He walked me through the troubleshooting and we corrected the problem. I even received a phone call from your office by another staff member in response to the original email. Fortunately, the problem was already resolved but I appreciate the diligence of your staff in responding to any service issues."


"In any business, we often receive negative feedback on a regular basis, so I wanted to make sure this got back to you as I remain very impressed with Integrity Pools & Spa and their commitment to customer satisfaction. I appreciate the personal one-on-one service I receive from all of your staff."


Mike Veliuona

"As I’ve shared with you many times in person, we absolutely love our Integrity pool. Seriously, from start to finish…from the first time Craig met with us at our home and subsequently meeting you at the American Consumer Show the following February, our experience has been wonderful."


"Through the design, selection of colors, and pool options…your patience with us as we worked through what we really wanted was absolutely stellar. As I recall, you guys broke ground in early June and by July 30 we were in the water."


"Tim and his service team have been so very helpful as has been the entire Integrity staff when we have a concern or question. Given our setting, where towering mature trees abound, we intended to create a lagoon-like look in our backyard. You helped us accomplish just that as we totally enjoy our own little outdoor oasis…every season of the year."


"As I write this, the day before Thanksgiving, our pool is still open, the waterfall is running, and we plan for a pre-Thanksgiving dinner swim tomorrow."


"Thanks Craig, Barb, and the entire Integrity Team."


Loren Good

"It’s been a few months since we have had our Arctic Spas ‘Finn’ sauna installed. From the beginning we knew that this was the first such install for Integrity Pools & Spas. We proceeded with the purchase due to the excellent work and responsiveness of your team when it came to our pool installation. It turns out that our judgment was correct. It was of no surprise to find your installation and set-up of the sauna was of the highest quality."


"When I was considering saunas (prior to Integrity Pools & Spas offering them) I found some at prices in the range I was expecting through catalogues and other companies, but was concerned about set-up and service. While at the Lancaster Home Builders Show I learned Integrity Pools & Spas now carried saunas and it eliminated all other competition. Your team is professional, helpful, and so nice to work with so I stopped shopping and purchased from a team that provides support and follow up that far exceeds what I could hope to find anywhere else."


"So many times we have enjoyed the sauna followed by a quick dip in our pool. Your team has helped transform our home into our ‘staycation’ villa. Your work is amazing and your team is the best! Thank you so much for all your team does for us and we look forward to being part of the Integrity family for years to come."


"Our house is always open to you to show or to enjoy what you’ve built with us."


"Best regards,"


Lee & Karen Meyers

"Thanks for all the work you guys have done for us. You have always done what you say you will do, and have been very professional doing it."


"Looking forward to new projects we will be working on together."


Cliff Weaver

"Often times in our line of work we get the opportunity to meet an array of pool installers. Integrity Pools is hands down the best at what they do. We truthfully enjoy the working relationship we have with them and know when the entire project is complete it is done right."


"Upon my interview with Integrity Pools I realized they were the contractor with the most qualifications. Integrity Pools handled themselves with professionalism throughout each phase of the job. Building a pool while coordinating with other contractors is not always easy, but Integrity Pools kept an open line of communication and kept me informed throughout all aspects of the project."


"I would strongly recommend Integrity Pools to build a quality pool for anyone looking to work with a company who is professional, reliable, and stands behind everything they do."


James Graybill, Contractor

"The spa is top quality and the staff at Integrity Pools was professional, courteous and very helpful in helping us with the delivery, installation, and accessories that we needed for the spa."


"My husband and I enjoy the spa very much. Our grandchildren also enjoy swimming around in the spa. Thank you again for this wonderful prize. We are very grateful for such a wonderful product, and for such a great radio station that made it all possible."


Shirley and Lenny Templeton

"It was a pleasure dealing with Integrity Pools & Arctic Spas. Thanks for a job well done."


Jan Douglas, Lake Mead, PA

"In my all my too many years in business I have rarely had a relationship with a company that was so client oriented as Integrity Pools. From the initial sales contact, to the follow up before delivery, to the delivery and set up Integrity had one concern and that was - our complete satisfaction. A big THANK YOU to everyone at Integrity Pools and those up in the wilds of Canada who built a superior product for our enjoyment."


George & Barbara, West Lawn, PA

"Integrity Pools has exceeded our expectations in every way. Craig and his team paid great attention to detail from the very beginning. They kept us informed of options, costs, and scheduling and helped coordinate every aspect of the project from start to finish. If you're thinking of installing a pool we would highly recommend Integrity."


Greg and Yvonne Sallade, Manheim Twp.

"We've already spent more time out there this spring then we did all last summer which is a testament to the quality design and execution of your vision."


"We want to formally thank you and the rest of the Integrity Team for all your work during the entire process. We have never been one for researching multiple options, getting various estimates, etc. However, with a project of this scope, we were determined to do our research and be smart homeowners. While we did talk to one other company prior to meeting with Integrity Pools & Spas, that was as far as we got. An hour with you guys and we were sold."


"We appreciated your commitment to hang in there with us and keep us informed. It allowed us to be the official "First Dig of the Season" - fabulous! The construction process, your subcontractors, and all your employees made the entire backyard come to life. The entire process was completed before we knew it and the quality is visibly evident. We will have no qualms about recommending Integrity Pools & Spas to anyone who asks."


"Congratulations on the accolades you have received this spring, they are all well-deserved. We are glad to be a part of the Integrity family. Now if we could only have the summer off from work..."


Andy & Lara Orechovesky

"I wanted to thank you for Pool School tonight. I always enjoy this night because it is a great opportunity to learn about the chemicals and workings of our pools. But, seriously, I like the prizes..."


"You invite us into the shop like it is your home (which for most of you, it is right now), providing such a nice spread of food and variety of drinks. It really is a great idea to plan this night for your customers. The shop looks so cutting edge with your great color scheme and high tech spas and displays."


"Thank you for a fun night of Pool School. You make learning fun with freebies, door prizes, gifts, and dinner!"


Sue Veronis

"I would like to thank you for the smooth install at our place. I can tell you that this could not have worked out better if our home was across the street from your location. Ed showed up and was walking up to my door when I pulled in the drive - we had the spa installed at about 1:40 and the electrician arrived at 1:50. Spa was running at 3:00. I was sure that all the coordination was going to have at least one hiccup - but no there were none. Ed was great and easy to work with! I appreciate all your help - I can say that your willingness to work this out with me convinced me to go with the Arctic Spa. When I first considered the Arctic I was pretty unhappy to learn there was not a vendor in this area, and figured that I would have to settle for a Hot Spring Spa but the ease of dealing with you made it feel local. Appreciate the help & you'll forgive me if I tell you I hope I don't HAVE to contact you again - I am hoping for many hassle free years from the spa."


Tim Hamm

Suffolk Virginia

"In building our most recent pool we had the pleasure of working with Integrity Pools for the first time. We have nothing but good things to say about our experience with Integrity Pools. They were extremely helpful in the design process, offering many alternative suggestions as to design, layout and location of the pool. Everyone was extremely willing to work for us to design and create a pool that had all the features we were looking for, as well as explore alternative and new technologies."


"We were continuously kept informed of progress during the construction process. Integrity oversaw the coordination and schedule of the subcontractors, resulting in very minimal work on our part. During the indoctrination period, they took as much time as was necessary in order for us to have a full and complete working understanding of the new pool system and how to operate the various features associated with that system."


"The greatest comfort knows that Integrity Pools is there to service what they installed. We highly recommend Integrity Pools to anyone who is interested in building a swimming pool that will be a long-term enjoyable investment in their property."


Frank & Vicki Vargish, Lititz, PA

"I have not met you yet but my family just purchased a tundra spa that was delivered this Thursday and we have been loving it since. When we met Barb for the 1st time she was passionate about her products and what kind of experience we would have in the spa. She was passionate about providing us with a great experience while looking into purchasing a spa. Within 5 minutes I knew that we would be purchasing a spa from your company specifically due to Barb and her passion and clarity as to what we would expect."


"Just to give you my background I have been in sales for 14 years, 8 years in the Medical Device industry and was promoted to a Regional Manager with the same company and lead my team to the #1 position with over 27% growth over previous year. So I know talent and deal with sales reps all the time and I know good reps and bad ones."


"So with the deposit down we started our site prep and when everything was in place Matt came out to our home. I had met him briefly once before but when he came out he explained the whole process to us with regard to delivery and more information about the spa and the internal workings of the spa. Upon his approval we went up to our master bath to discuss the options for the steam shower and that is when I was thinking this guy is more than "a delivery guy" this is what I refer to as an outside sales rep, he listened to my questions and advised me how to proceed with good options. Although the prep of our existing bathroom costs prohibited us to move forward with the steam shower let me just say I would have bought 10 from Matt based on how he conducted himself."


"Fast forward to the week before Christmas Santa came a little early and we were going to receive our spa right off the floor this past Thursday. Spa school was conducted on Wednesday and Barb was her incredible self and again the passion was there!"


"The following Day right on time Matt comes with our spa and while I was on an unexpected phone call my electrician became the second man. There was a slight accident with delivery that cause for some cosmetic repairs but Matt was so on top of it how could we get mad. Matt took us to step 5 and then spent another 20 minutes with us reinforcing what Barb had gone over with us. Exceptional! Friday Matt comes by and takes care of what he refers to as step 1 of the repair, thinking he would be back on Monday to complete the cosmetic repair but nope Saturday morning here is Matt to complete the job and the finished product show no signs of any mishap. Blown away here on a Saturday that Matt comes over to complete project, this just doesn't happen."


"So if this is how business is conducted on a regular basis than my hats off to you for assembling the best team of Barb and Matt. Barb great inside sales with passion and Matt your outside sales rep who makes sure that not only is the finished product delivered but actually helps sell the project and comforts the customer further outside of the shop. When you have these two wonderful team members deliver this type of experience this is how you retain and have free advertising from one household that was really excited with their experience and not only for having an incredible product but two highly talented sales professionals that DELIVERED!"


"Oh and I forgot to mention that we were having problems with the APP and I texted Barb, got a lot of answers from her but then received a phone call from Matt who was so calm on the phone and they both let us know that all would be solved. Simple re-install of the APP and problem solved. But I am sure that if I really needed them or something was really wrong one if not both of them would have been out. Again BLOWN AWAY!"




Kieran McMahon
Integrity Spa Customer for LIFE!

"Great experience with educated, caring staff all along the way! We love the pool design and how well it ties into our existing structures. Thank you for the seamless experience and attention to the details."


Gerry & Lynda – East Earl, PA